Board Teambuilding

Kalama Conservancy adopts teambuilding for the Board and members of Staff to enhance social bonding and unwinding at every end or beginning of the year to nurture new energy and cohesiveness in our working teams.

On 15th Jan 2023, Kalama Conservancy Board concluded a one-and-a-half day team building activities out of town, with the essence of building teamwork and boosting team performance; this was achieved through a unique way, and the first time the Board engaged in such an activity.

The activities induced the acquisition of leadership knowledge, physical activity, celebrations, team spirit, fun, and motivation. The members also got time to socialize and get to know each other better.
The conglomerate also included Kalama Board stakeholders/Ex Officios like ACC, and Area Chief, to mention but a few.

The Board is rejuvenated to face the New Year with synergy and propel conservancy and community land business with rationality, analytical decision-making, and sound leadership for the better. The group graduated with an award of individual certificates of participation.
We convey our utmost appreciation to a team of professional teambuilding consultants delivering this.

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