Backpack Nurse Clinics

Laresoro Dispensary nurses' backpack clinics happen in a fortnight. It is supported by a tricycle ambulance for transport logistics.

With the generous support of Royal African Safaris, a tricycle they donated is providing mobility to the medical staff to visit villages for children's immunization programmes, mothers' pre-natal care, responding to emergencies, and making medical attention convenient to locals. The foundation facilitates the operations of the programme.It is serving a population of about 4,000 people in Laresoro, Ntilal, Long'erded, Losaplai, Lesuurua, and Lerata B. The facility has brought convenience to the locals and free access of medicine and services because it is government- sponsored. The vehicle can carry a crew of 5 and has space for drugs and medical equipment.


The average distance covered from the clinic is about 30 KMS, and the terrain is tough and causes challenges to mobility. All the same, the crew looks for alternative routes to reach the locals

About 400 children and at least 100 adults are attended in the bi-weekly programme.

In early 2016, Laresoro Dispensary was commissioned for construction courtesy of the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) Livelihood Support Programme aimed at ensuring surrounding communities' benefits as a result of community conservation efforts by running conservancies.

The County Government of Samburu Department of Health Services signed memoranda with the Kalama Conservancy to provide medics, drugs, and medical equipment; they have been stocking the facility, and the Conservancy works closely with the Samburu East Sub County MoH. Still, they supported the construction of one nurses' quarter and the provision of 2 nurses.  

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