Peace & Security

The COnservancy Rangers conduct regular multi-day patrols supplemented by NRT's mobile anti-poaching teams along with poaching hotspots. They use an assigned dedicated vehicle-making patrol routine. Wildlife and security data through the Wildlife Conservancy Monitoring and Management System (Wildlife CoMMS) are collected during day patrols from all bases.

Our rangers are involved in a Kalama and Losesia landscape security incidences responses, however the high number of raids have overstretched the force personnel and increasing consumption of resources. 10 rangers were considered for KWS Manyani Law Enforcement Academy training for 3 months in the Year 2022, courtesy of the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT).



Peacebuilding and security is a cardinal pillar for the Conservancy and this is achieved by all-inclusivity of peacebuilding stakeholders, engaging the neighbouring conservancies for regular meetings, periodic morans’ engagement for orderly sharing of resources with neighbours during drought & seeking consent before they stray into the neighbours’ grazing fields, anti-cattle rustling campaigns and sensitizations, involving the government agencies in the cause, and complimenting them in the process. The Conservancy is critical to NPS in recovering stolen stocks from neighbouring communities and returning them to rightful owners through the nearby Police Station. The Rangers are accustomed to the hardship and terrain of the area and can easily accost the raiders resulting to at least 70% of recoveries. This controls conflicts and restores harmony.

 The Conservancy would occasionally help the NPS with logistics (fuel, financial where it matters) and maintaining close cooperation in overseeing security in the landscape and proving to be a reliable partner. The Conservancy is an active player in regional peacebuilding activities and participates in nearly all meetings and making productive contributions. With peace and harmony, business environment is enabled and thriving development ensue hence contributing to resolving the SDG 16: significantly reducing illicit financial and arms flows, strengthen the recovery and return of stolen assets and combat all forms of organized crime