Lgweita Campsite

Set at the base of a large rocky like ‘auditorium’ it’s a really stunning location with nice views to the east; mornings here are something else! The Kenyan Camper, “I also notice quite a bit of elephant dung so you might have a few unexpected visitors if you’re lucky.” 

Lgweita is on the opposite side of the Nasha rock, it is closer to the A2 tarmac road. Patterned with seasonal waterfalls on the wide rockface, It is also covered with heavy foliage of canopy trees offering a perfect shield from the scorching heat. Lgweita also offers an amazing view of Mt. Ololokwe. 

Cleaning water available at Kalama HQ. Guests must carry drinking water

A ranger will be provided for an additional 1000 KES per ranger per day. We recommend taking 2x rangers so as one can help show you roads or walks while the other can look after your campsite. Rangers will be completely self-sufficient during their time with you.

Rangers will help collect dead wood for use.


  1. Camping
  2. Game viewing
  3. Bird watching
  4. Hiking
  5. Rock climbing


You will receive detailed GPS directions to your campsite and support in planning your adventure once you have booked the site.


2000 KES per adult per night and 1000 KES per child (12 years and below). A ranger will be provided for an additional 1000 KES per ranger per day (Ranger fees is paid directly to the ranger involved).



To book this campsite please contact Tom Lolosoli (Kalama Community Conservancy manager ) on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on (+254) 0721333524.



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